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Master Shivakrishna is a Psychic reader and ex love specialist in New York Spirit Removal. He can provide you with palm, face, photo and phone readings. The one and only professional astrologer. Get professional readings and consultations from a renowned Pandith Shivakrishna. Palm reader, face reader, photo reader and phone reader. This is to help you make the most out of your reading experience. This is to help you make the most out of your reading experience. Astrologer & spiritual healer is at your service for readings and consultations. Does palm ,face, photo & Phone readings.

He removes black magic. If you are facing any problems in your life because of black magic or negative energies, then Pandith Shivakrishna will help you remove that evil using his powerful spiritual remedies. We gives business, finance and health advice.

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As a Master Astrologer and Spiritual Healer, Pandith Shivakrishna is one of the most trusted advisers for American people. They come to him for readings and consultations. Pandith Shivakrishna can read your palm, face, and photo to give you insights into your personality and future. Pandit ji can also read your energy to assess whether you are under a spell or bewitched. Counseling- Remove black magic and negative energies- Financial advice- Health advice Pandith Shivakrishna offers astrological counseling where he will help you to achieve goals in life. Removes black magic and negative energies that hinder one from achieving success in life. We also gives financial advice that will make your money more successful. Additionally, he offers health tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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Meet Pandith Shivakrishna, America's Best Psychic Reader

What's going on with your love life? What will happen to you in the future? Is this person your soulmate? Let Pandith Shivakrishna answer all your questions! Get all your questions answered - love, work, finances, spirituality and more. I am a highly skilled psychic reader and tarot card reader in the Seattle area and have been doing this for over ten years. I will be able to answer all your questions, both the big and the small ones. Experience a reading with the type of information you need can vary from person to person. Some people may have just been in a break up and want to know if they should stay or leave their relationship, some people might need insight on their career path or where they should go next, while some others may just want an intuitive reading about what might happen in their future.

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