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Mantras to Resolve Financial Problems

The following mantran

Ashta Lakshmi Mantra

Extraordinary profits to eliminate crisis and Mantra to eliminate financial crisis. This sadhana mantra is dedicated to Goddess Asht Lakshmi.

Sadhana is usually done to clear financial debts and problems. A sadhaka can perform this sadhana to excel in business, get a good job, get a suitable promotion and increase business productivity.

The mantra of Asht Lakshmi sadhana brings comfort and peace in life. Asht Lakshmi sadhana mantra brings unexpected benefits in a short period of time. The mantra boosts the profitability of your business and helps to recover even bad debts.

Hanuman Mantras to Resolve financial problems

The best way to overcome financial problems is to chant the Hanuman mantra on Tuesdays or Saturdays. The mantras to resolve financial problems.

“Om Mahabalaya Viraya Chiranjivan Uddathe”

Vajra Dehaya Cholangitmavyaye

  • The mantra should be chanted before sunrise on a Monday or Saturday in a Hanuman temple.
  • The worshiper should wake up early in the morning just before sunrise, take a bath and put on a red robe.
  • Then offer prayers to Ganesha and Lord Rama.
  • Then visit a Hanuman temple and sit in a meditative posture in front of the murti temple.
  • Chant the mantra 108 times and recite with red sandalwood mala (lal chandan mala).

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