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What Reasons for Divorce in Astrology and Remedies

Divorce in astrology is a very timely topic to discuss. The no of separation in our society is increasing exponentially. Many people face problems after marriage. As an astrologer, many people ask me if there is Yoga divorce in my kundli. So here I will try to answer the few most frequently asked questions about married life, reasons for divorce and solving these problems.

The right combination of horoscopes can reduce the chances of marital discord to a great extent. But Ashtakoota Guna Matching is not the correct way to do a Kundli Matching. Proper marriage correspondence is very effective in avoiding divorce or separation even after the malefic influence in the chart.

Planets and Houses

The malefic planets, especially Mars, Rahu, Saturn and the Sun, are separative in nature. So these planets act as a divorce agent on Kundli. Except these, two more planets are equally important. Venus is the main planet for love, romance, sex, and marriage. In the case of the Man card this also indicates Wife. Therefore, if Venus is afflicted, retrograde, or weak, it is an indication of marital disharmony. In the case of a female chart, Jupiter is considered the planet of her husband.


  • The 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12th house decide the marriage conditions and apart from the above houses, it is necessary to check Upapada lagna and the 2nd house of Upapada Lagna. Navamsa chart analysis is important to detect marriage problems. The 7th house, the Ascendant, the 6th house and the 8th house of Navamsa should be checked for marriage problems.
  • The 4th house represents the family. The malefic 4th house or the 4th Lord will lead to lack of happiness in the family. If the fourth house is strong, no matter how much disharmony occurs, divorce will never happen.
  • The seventh house rules marriage and all kinds of relationships. If this house is weak then the individual will not live a happy married life or will suffer divorce according to astrology.
  •    The second house is the family house, so this house is also important. If the 2nd house and its ruler are influenced by malefic planets or locked in between malefics, bad outcome is possible.
  • Venus is the most important planet for marriage and the happiness of married life. Venus, at some stage in life we will realise a lack of happiness in the family. If debilitated, afflicted by malefic planets or Venus retrograde in 7/8 and 4th house, chances of divorce


1. Gouri Shankar must be maintained in a proper manner

2. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati should be worshipped regularly.

3. The horoscope must match before marriage

4. Chant Lalita Sahasranama regularly

Pandit shiva krishna is an astrologer and a marriage counselor who provides solutions to marriage disputes. His services are available in the United States.

Pandit shiva krishna provides solutions to marriage disputes. He also offers astrology services in Florida , US . He is based out of Florida, USA and offers online consultations for his clients across the world. Please contact Pandit Shiva Krishna at : +1 657-321-8841

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